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Committed to research and development, production and sales of DAAM and ADH

Based on the chemical industry, committed to the development and production of environmentally friendly products


With the development of my country's economy, the importance of effectively utilizing energy, reducing environmental pollution, reducing the frequency of safety production accidents, preventing environmental emergencies, and ensuring life safety has become increasingly prominent. The formulation and implementation of environmental protection policies and measures to improve people's quality of life while protecting the environment has become the focus of our country's livelihood projects. Environmental protection is not only related to people's living environment, but also affects economic development.

1. Environmental protection is to study and prevent the deterioration of the natural environment due to human life, production and construction activities, and then seek to control, control and eliminate the pollution and damage of various factors to the environment, and strive to improve the environment, beautify the environment, and protect the environment. Better adapt to the needs of human life and work. In other words, environmental protection is to use the theories and methods of environmental science to make better use of natural resources, at the same time, to deeply understand the root causes and hazards of pollution and damage to the environment, to protect the environment in a planned way, to prevent the deterioration of environmental quality, and to control environmental pollution. , to promote the coordinated development of human beings and the environment, improve the quality of human life, protect human health, and benefit future generations.

2. People live in the natural environment, so the natural environment is the basic condition for human survival and the material source for the development of production and the prosperity of the economy. Without the vast natural environment of the earth, it is impossible for human beings to survive and reproduce. With the rapid growth of the population and the development of productive forces, the rapid advancement of science and technology, the wastes discharged from industry and life continue to increase, resulting in increasingly serious air, water and soil pollution, and the natural ecological balance has been violently impacted and destroyed. Many Resources are decreasing day by day and facing the danger of depletion; soil erosion and land desertification are becoming more and more serious, and food production and human health are seriously threatened. Therefore, maintaining ecological balance and protecting the environment are fundamental issues related to human survival and social development.

3. China's environmental protection value chain has a prominent position in the entire national economy. However, environmental pollution problems cannot be slack and underestimated in the development of national economic construction; enhance environmental protection policies so as to better take measures to control and deal with them. Sudden environmental accidents are an urgent task at present.

4. We can learn from international best practices and successful business experiences to further promote China's sustainable development. When developing the national economy, we must give top priority to protecting the environment.

5. Improving the environmental protection awareness and ability of local governments and enterprises is an important part of China's sustainable development strategy. In the regional economic development of various regions, we have noticed the ultimate evil of selfishness and sacrificing the environment. Carrying out cleaner production to promote the awareness and awareness of enterprises, and promote the comprehensive benefits of local communities, industries, value chains, and buyers' markets through environmental protection. The relevant experience has been used as a successful case, providing valuable experience for Chinese enterprises' environmental protection work.

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