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Why are freshly painted surfaces rough


Paint is a commonly used building material in home decoration, but most people don't pay much attention to it, so there will be many problems with paint in the future, such as peeling, blistering, cracks, roughness, etc., which are not only related to the quality of paint, but also related to The technique of painting is concerned. Today I will tell you why the newly painted surface is rough.

The rough surface of the paint is mainly because the paint brush is not clean or polluted by the surrounding environment. It may also be that the paint is mixed with paint, which has not been precipitated and filtered before use, or that the paint is dusty when it is still dry. So clean up the paint surface before painting, and use a clean paintbrush and paint bucket. Before using the old paint, be sure to filter it with paint filter paper or clean nylon stockings. In addition, the painted surface should be covered with a cover or cardboard when the paint is still wet to prevent dust. If the paint surface is rough, wait until it is dry, smooth it with wet and dry sandpaper, wipe it clean, and then repaint the paint, and pay attention to the paint brush must be clean, pay attention to the operation points.

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