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Diacetone acrylamide(DAAM)


Product name: Diacetone acrylamide

Product alias: N - (1, 1 - dimethyl - 3 - oxo- butyl) acrylamide, diamine for short.

English name: Diacetone acrylamide

Molecular formula: C9H15NO2

Molecular weight: 169.25

CAS NO: 2873-97-4

HS NO: 29241990


At room temperature, it is white powdery or flaky crystal, soluble in water and organic solvents such as formaldehyde, ethanol, acetone, tetrahydrofuran, ethyl acetate, acrylonitrile, styrene,etc. The product is extremely easy to form polymer by copolymerization with various monomer and achieve strong water absorption, but it is insoluble in ethane, petroleum ether.

DAAM owns two reactive groups, namely N - substituted amides and ketone, it is extremely easy for copolymerization with other vinyl monomer, thus the introduction of ketone carbonyl chemical properties can lead polymer to crosslinking and graft reaction, which can prepare various adhesives, thickener, paper reinforcing agent, crosslinking agent, etc.

It has been widely used in fields like coatings, adhesives, daily chemical industry, the epoxy resin curing agent, photosensitive resin additives, textile auxiliaries, health care, ect.



1. Hair care agent:

One important characteristic of DAAM is that its homopolymer or copolymer are insoluble in water, but their water absorption rate can reach 20% ~ 30% of its weight, when the environment humidity is less than 60%, they can even release the moisture, then the hair spray can be produced by means of such characteristic.

2. Photosensitive resin:

Photosensitive resin produced by light, hard, acid and alkali- resistant solid diamine homopolymer has high resin photographic speed, the non-affected part is easy to be removed after exposure, thus getting a clear paper layout with good strength and resistance to water.

Another important application of DAAM is that it can partly replace gelatin, which is used for photographic emulsions and difficult to be replaced by other ideal products. Gelatin has long been in short supply for high purity of photographic, 2500 tons of gelatin are expected for photosensitive materials, while domestic photographic gelatin production is only hundreds of tons at present.

3. Used for the preparation of plastic letterpress print

4. Used for adhesives:

used as adhesive promoter and improver for fiber compounds, cement, glass, aluminium and PVC, meanwhile it can also be compressed to produce pressure-sensitive adhesives, and can be used as heat-sensitive adhesives for paper, textiles and plastic film with allyl polymer.

5. The application in other aspects:

⑴ can be used as curing agent for epoxy resin, anticorrosive paint of ship bottom, underwater paint of ship bottom, acrylic resin coatings, unsaturated polyester paint, etc;

⑵ The water-soluble copolymer monomer of DAAM was effectively applied to the clarification of suspended solid;

⑶ Can be used as the laser recording materials produced by heat;

⑷ Used as glass fuzzy remover;

⑸ Used as composition of water-soluble photosensitive resin;

⑹ Used for water-soluble paints.





Standard value



White or light yellow crystalline powder

Boiling point


 Melting point


 Flashing point














polymerization inhibitor



 Solubility (In water at 25℃)



Packing: the products is packed in 20 kg paper carton


Application area

Diacetone acrylamide(DAAM) Diacetone acrylamide(DAAM) Diacetone acrylamide(DAAM)

Water-based paint on Spaceflight

Water-based paint on Automobile

Water-based paint on

Diacetone acrylamide(DAAM) Diacetone acrylamide(DAAM) Diacetone acrylamide(DAAM)

External wall coatings

Internal wall coatings

Water-based wooden paint


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